I´m a mood maker and a curious dot in this body.. 

I like to "color" the mood with tones. That's why I do what I'm best at... I produce music. This time I went one step further and did the opposite.

I made a movie for my music.

With "The Ratking" still sipping through my mind... the color mood came... and I felt orange... so I sat down in my orange mood two years ago and started writing songs while chewing and hugging and living in a thought I had in my head. There in the dance of thought and reality, there... I developed and became Galax-ma...

Galax-Ma is the name of my audio visual animated story (written, composed and 

directed by me as Neva Deelay,

Dijle Neva Yigitbas).

The story takes you on an apocalyptic and exhilarating inner journey. From an action-packed, intimate queer perspective about the quest to find inner peace. The film is about a secret research that shows great successes that will now save the world that is on the verge of collapse. An inspiration from everyday life and from both personal and utopian perspectives to ask, and above all strengthen "hope" for a new world model!


"MA is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite."


Neva Deelay

The Stockholm-based multitalented producer, drummer, and DJ is well known in Stockholm’s art circles for composing and

producing music for movies, documentaries and theatre. Now it’s finally time for her to release her debut album.